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Moratorium for Credit Cards
Moratorium for Credit Cards

The Windward Islands Bank (WIB) continues to support clients in difficult times.

As recently communicated in the local media and social media, WIB will be extending your payment moratorium for credit cards for the months June, July and August 2020.

In contrary to a loan or mortgage, the incurred interest for credit cards will be added to the ending balance of the next statement unless you pay the ending balance of your last statement in full. Furthermore as credit cards do not have an ending date, the ending balance and resulting minimum and full payment amount is determined by the usage and payment behavior of the credit card holder during each statement cycle.

Customers who do not want to make use of the payment moratorium for credit cards must make a manual payment for their card before the 3rd of the next month during the moratorium period.

E.g. for June 2020 month-end the payment should be conducted before July 3rd.

Please follow the steps below for instructions on how you can make online payments on your credit card using the Online Banking Bill Payments option. 

Instructions for WIB Online Banking credit card payments:

Login to WIB Online Banking and choose for the option "Bill Payments".

Fields that have to be filled in: 

    Choose from which account you want to make the payment
  • BILLER: 
    Choose the desired Biller
    • For "Kompa Leon" Cards choose as the Biller: WIB credit card NAf. 22125600
    • For Visa or MasterCard choose the Biller: WIB credit card USD 22013005
    Fill in the amount you'd like to pay.
    Customers who pay the full balance every month and who would not like to make use of the moratorium to avoid interest charges must fill in the exact same amount that is mentioned on their last statement in the filed “Payment in Full” and make the payment before the 3rd of the next month.

    Customers that have opted in the past to have the “minimum payment” applied to their credit card by the bank, and would NOT like to accept the moratorium in order to avoid additional interest charges, can fill in the exact amount as mentioned on their last statement, in the field “Current Minimum Payment” and make the payment before the 3rd of the next month.


  • DATE: 
    In order to avoid (additional) Interest charges, the payment date must be before the 3rd of the next month. 
    Fill in the credit card number exactly as shown on the front of the card. 

Please view below video demonstrations:

If you have any questions on the payment moratorium for credit cards or if you want to apply for a limit increase, please send an e-mail to